Thursday, 15 June 2017

Speech Topics

We are beginning to write speeches. Here are some possible speech topics. Have a look and see if any interest you.

Teachers should wear a uniform - Yusuf
Uniforms are better
We should bring our pets to school
Summer, Summer, Summer, Summer - Advika, Johaan
We should learn how to make cupcakes as well as maths -
Good manners are important - Lupe
Children should bring their own devices to school
Classes should have a class pet - Shriya, Angela
Making stuff should be part of the school day
Children should chose their own classes - Nirav
Coming to school in a jet pack would be better than cars
Drones are useful -
Kids should be able to play Minecraft at school -
Dogs are the best pets - Kaleb
Puppies are better than dogs - Justine
Chocolate is the best food ever
Roald Dahl is the greatest writer ever -
Kids should be in-charge -
Soccer is the best sport - Vidur
Every home should have a worm farm
New Zealand is the best country to live in
Spiderman is the best superhero
Life would be better without the internet
Life wouldn't be better without the internet -
Being invisible would be the best superpower - Suhail
Maths in the best subject -
We should be able to sleep at school -
Halsey Drive should have a tuck shop
Our playground should be bigger - Sarah
Year 4 should go on school camp - Layadri
Seniors should all go on camp -
We should have RCV at school -
Sharks would make the best pet -
Netball is the best - 
Kids should play video games - 
There should be more arcades
Ferrets and stoats should be banned
Kids should play soccer 
Who needs books when you have computers - Hena
All kids should have laptops at school
Why you should have a pet bird
Libraries are the best places
Pets are great
Why are flightless birds endangered
Why cave people should still be here
Imagine a world without electricity
Imagine world without time
Kids should do more art at school
Why its good to have friends - Kyle
Rugby is the best sport
Cats are betters than dogs
Dogs are better than cats - Rachael
Why friends should be allowed to sit together in class - Dafu
There should be no school in summer - Arlene
Why we need to stop polluting the world - Naiyah
Scorpions - Vaibhav
Funny animals - Dillon

Being a policeman is the best job ever

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