Thursday, 15 June 2017

Speech Topics

We are beginning to write speeches. Here are some possible speech topics. Have a look and see if any interest you.

Teachers should wear a uniform - Yusuf
Uniforms are better
We should bring our pets to school
Summer, Summer, Summer, Summer - Advika, Johaan
We should learn how to make cupcakes as well as maths -
Good manners are important - Lupe
Children should bring their own devices to school
Classes should have a class pet - Shriya, Angela
Making stuff should be part of the school day
Children should chose their own classes - Nirav
Coming to school in a jet pack would be better than cars
Drones are useful -
Kids should be able to play Minecraft at school -
Dogs are the best pets - Kaleb
Puppies are better than dogs - Justine
Chocolate is the best food ever
Roald Dahl is the greatest writer ever -
Kids should be in-charge -
Soccer is the best sport - Vidur
Every home should have a worm farm
New Zealand is the best country to live in
Spiderman is the best superhero
Life would be better without the internet
Life wouldn't be better without the internet -
Being invisible would be the best superpower - Suhail
Maths in the best subject -
We should be able to sleep at school -
Halsey Drive should have a tuck shop
Our playground should be bigger - Sarah
Year 4 should go on school camp - Layadri
Seniors should all go on camp -
We should have RCV at school -
Sharks would make the best pet -
Netball is the best - 
Kids should play video games - 
There should be more arcades
Ferrets and stoats should be banned
Kids should play soccer 
Who needs books when you have computers - Hena
All kids should have laptops at school
Why you should have a pet bird
Libraries are the best places
Pets are great
Why are flightless birds endangered
Why cave people should still be here
Imagine a world without electricity
Imagine world without time
Kids should do more art at school
Why its good to have friends - Kyle
Rugby is the best sport
Cats are betters than dogs
Dogs are better than cats - Rachael
Why friends should be allowed to sit together in class - Dafu
There should be no school in summer - Arlene
Why we need to stop polluting the world - Naiyah
Scorpions - Vaibhav
Funny animals - Dillon

Being a policeman is the best job ever

Caine's Arcade

Room 8 are going to make our own Caine's Arcade. Remember to collect the materials you need so we can begin next week!

Helpful Websites

Hi Parents,

here are some useful websites for your child.





Wig Wednesday

Wig Wednesday 21st June
Bring a donation for Child Cancer

Monday, 5 June 2017

Wheels Day Reminder

Tomorrow is Wheels day, remember to bring your 'Wheels' of choice to school.