Monday, 21 August 2017

Nellie Marks Nakamarra - Artist

Watch this amazing clip of the artist Nellie Marks Nakamarra working on her piece of art. Look carefully at the painting technique she uses.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Fables and Fairy Tales

Here are some Fairy Tales for you to read.  Can you identify some language features that  are found in fairy tales?

Fables and Fairy Tales

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Where am I?

Room 8 have been writing descriptions. Can you guess where these places are by reading the descriptions?

Where am I?

I rushed inside and waited for my parents to pay. Getting a piece of paper around my wrist saying what the company is on it. Then I could see people doing canon balls and jumping from high above the ground. I touched the foam in the pit. I could smell the delicious food. Tasting a tasty surprise meal, waiting on the table for me, I ate it so quickly. Bouncing on the trampolines, makes me do tricks in the air. I could hear people cheering and screaming.


  Where am I?

As I walked through the double doors I saw childrens and adults waiting in a line to get up a steep mountain. On the mountain there is a giant swing and screams were heard from the top. There are families choosing helmet their size. At the side rail you can see a giant volcano standing straight. Some people rode bikes down the sides of the mountain. When you are hot you can buy delicious ice-cream from a nearby cafe. The smell of chips came out of the cafe.At night time there is beautiful lights from houses.


Where Am I????????????
As soon as you walk outside your face freezes from the cold. In your car you can see beautiful landscapes. Every last bit of water turns into solid ice over the silent night. I hear and feel a strong breeze hit my delicate skin. The place starts with a “Q”. We’re heading out bungy jumping and have a ride on the gondola.


Where am I?

When I walk through the doors I see heaps of adults and children having fun. Everyone was busy gliding, sliding and sometimes falling down in a heap. The cold hits my face and I put my freezing hands into my pockets. Colourful lights are flashing in time with the booming music and the smell reminds me of opening the freezer at home. Excitedly, I head over to get my ice-skates.

Mrs T

Monday, 7 August 2017