Monday, 6 November 2017

Build Your Wildself

Try and Build Your Wildself

Build Your Wildself

Basic Facts

Test out your Basic Facts knowledge:

Use the link below, create a user name: your first initial and then your surname
Password: room8

Then create account. Test out your basic facts.

Basic Facts Knowledge

Sunday, 29 October 2017


What this clip to learn about how animals adapt so they are able to survive and do what they need to do.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Sunday, 3 September 2017

A maths problem for you to solve.

Jani broke one of the windows of her house when she was playing ball. Jani’s mum said that she has to help to pay for fixing the window.
Jani has $6 in her piggy bank.
Jani and Moana feed Mrs Ranu’s cat for a week. They get $12 to share equally.
How much do they each get from Mrs Ranu?
Jani, Hemi, and Isaac help
Mr Smith plant 24 cabbages. He pays them 50 cents for each cabbage. They share the money equally.

How much do they each get from Mr Smith?
Jani, Tom, Brendon, and Lily wash and polish Ms Webber’s car.
She pays them $16, which they share equally.

How much does each person earn for cleaning Ms Webber’s car?
How much money does Jani have altogether, including the money in her piggy bank?
5. Jani’s mum says that Jani will need to use all the money she earned and half the money in her piggy bank to help pay for fixing the window.
How much does Jani have to pay her mum?
Show how you worked out your answer.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Nellie Marks Nakamarra - Artist

Watch this amazing clip of the artist Nellie Marks Nakamarra working on her piece of art. Look carefully at the painting technique she uses.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Fables and Fairy Tales

Here are some Fairy Tales for you to read.  Can you identify some language features that  are found in fairy tales?

Fables and Fairy Tales

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Where am I?

Room 8 have been writing descriptions. Can you guess where these places are by reading the descriptions?

Where am I?

I rushed inside and waited for my parents to pay. Getting a piece of paper around my wrist saying what the company is on it. Then I could see people doing canon balls and jumping from high above the ground. I touched the foam in the pit. I could smell the delicious food. Tasting a tasty surprise meal, waiting on the table for me, I ate it so quickly. Bouncing on the trampolines, makes me do tricks in the air. I could hear people cheering and screaming.


  Where am I?

As I walked through the double doors I saw childrens and adults waiting in a line to get up a steep mountain. On the mountain there is a giant swing and screams were heard from the top. There are families choosing helmet their size. At the side rail you can see a giant volcano standing straight. Some people rode bikes down the sides of the mountain. When you are hot you can buy delicious ice-cream from a nearby cafe. The smell of chips came out of the cafe.At night time there is beautiful lights from houses.


Where Am I????????????
As soon as you walk outside your face freezes from the cold. In your car you can see beautiful landscapes. Every last bit of water turns into solid ice over the silent night. I hear and feel a strong breeze hit my delicate skin. The place starts with a “Q”. We’re heading out bungy jumping and have a ride on the gondola.


Where am I?

When I walk through the doors I see heaps of adults and children having fun. Everyone was busy gliding, sliding and sometimes falling down in a heap. The cold hits my face and I put my freezing hands into my pockets. Colourful lights are flashing in time with the booming music and the smell reminds me of opening the freezer at home. Excitedly, I head over to get my ice-skates.

Mrs T

Monday, 7 August 2017

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Speech Timetable

Here is the timetable for when you are presenting your speech:

Monday 24 July

Tuesday 25 July

Wednesday 26 July

Thursday 27 July

Friday 28 July

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Speech Topics

We are beginning to write speeches. Here are some possible speech topics. Have a look and see if any interest you.

Teachers should wear a uniform - Yusuf
Uniforms are better
We should bring our pets to school
Summer, Summer, Summer, Summer - Advika, Johaan
We should learn how to make cupcakes as well as maths -
Good manners are important - Lupe
Children should bring their own devices to school
Classes should have a class pet - Shriya, Angela
Making stuff should be part of the school day
Children should chose their own classes - Nirav
Coming to school in a jet pack would be better than cars
Drones are useful -
Kids should be able to play Minecraft at school -
Dogs are the best pets - Kaleb
Puppies are better than dogs - Justine
Chocolate is the best food ever
Roald Dahl is the greatest writer ever -
Kids should be in-charge -
Soccer is the best sport - Vidur
Every home should have a worm farm
New Zealand is the best country to live in
Spiderman is the best superhero
Life would be better without the internet
Life wouldn't be better without the internet -
Being invisible would be the best superpower - Suhail
Maths in the best subject -
We should be able to sleep at school -
Halsey Drive should have a tuck shop
Our playground should be bigger - Sarah
Year 4 should go on school camp - Layadri
Seniors should all go on camp -
We should have RCV at school -
Sharks would make the best pet -
Netball is the best - 
Kids should play video games - 
There should be more arcades
Ferrets and stoats should be banned
Kids should play soccer 
Who needs books when you have computers - Hena
All kids should have laptops at school
Why you should have a pet bird
Libraries are the best places
Pets are great
Why are flightless birds endangered
Why cave people should still be here
Imagine a world without electricity
Imagine world without time
Kids should do more art at school
Why its good to have friends - Kyle
Rugby is the best sport
Cats are betters than dogs
Dogs are better than cats - Rachael
Why friends should be allowed to sit together in class - Dafu
There should be no school in summer - Arlene
Why we need to stop polluting the world - Naiyah
Scorpions - Vaibhav
Funny animals - Dillon

Being a policeman is the best job ever

Caine's Arcade

Room 8 are going to make our own Caine's Arcade. Remember to collect the materials you need so we can begin next week!

Helpful Websites

Hi Parents,

here are some useful websites for your child.





Wig Wednesday

Wig Wednesday 21st June
Bring a donation for Child Cancer

Monday, 5 June 2017

Wheels Day Reminder

Tomorrow is Wheels day, remember to bring your 'Wheels' of choice to school.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Samoan Language Week

Talofa, this week is Samoan language week. Here is what some of our Samoan students got up to.

How to Write Instructions

Here is a helpful website to show you how to write instructions:

How to write instuctions

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Wheels Day

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As part of our Science unit on Simple Machines we are planning a Wheels Day so the children are able to see Simple Machines in action.

On Wednesday 7th June the Year 3 and 4 children are to bring to school either, a bike and a helmet, a scooter or a skateboard. They will be taking part in different activities involving wheels.

If your child is bringing a bike to school they need to be accompanied to and from school by an adult. They are not to bike to or from school on their own.

You will need to ensure your child has a bike lock as when bikes are not in use they will be put in the bike racks behind rooms 1 and 2 for the rest of the day. They will also be required to wear a helmet.

Helmets, scooters and skateboards all need to be named. Helmets are not essential for scooter and skateboard use, but are highly recommended.

We have organised different stations with wheels related activities including an obstacle course. As a part of this course there will be a moving ramp which will be supervised by an adult.

Year 3 & 4 Teachers

Bicycle - Free images on Pixabay   Skateboard Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Monday, 1 May 2017

Term 2 2017 Letter to parents and Caregivers

Term 2 2017
Year 4 Letter to Parents and Caregivers of Rooms 6, 7 & 8 Students

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

Another busy term is coming up so we want to let you know a few events coming up that will affect your Year 4 child.

Dates to keep in mind:
Monday 8th May -Individual & class photos
Monday 5th June -Queen’s Birthday
Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th July -3 way conferences
Weeks 1-5 Multiplication & Division Strategies, Fractions
Weeks 6-10 -Statistics: this includes
-collecting data through surveys
-displaying data on a range of graphs
-reading  information off graphs and making statements

All students have studyladder accounts which can support Maths learning at home. Please support your children in learning their basic facts, especially multiplication and division (start with 2x, 5x and 10x). Suitable websites can be found on classroom blogs.
Focus for the term: arguments/persuasive writing, writing instructions.

Students will cover a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and will learn a range of reading strategies. A reminder that children should be getting one fiction and one non-fiction book from the school library every week.
This term our unit is on Functions. During the term we will be focusing on our understanding of  simple machines and how these make complex machines.

Please ensure homework books are returned to school on Friday for buddy testing. Spelling needs to be ticked and signed and reading logs at the back of homework books need to be filled in. All homework books must be back on Monday so children can record new spelling words for the week.
Physical Education
1Hockey - Kiwisport tutor -weeks 1-9
2 Fitness -Monday to Thursday mornings
3 Year 4 Syndicate Sport-Thursday afternoons

Please wear sneakers for PE- no slip on shoes.

This term’s focus is on self esteem and bullying.

The Arts
Art: Printing and collage
Music: Play -use of percussion instruments, playing tunes in time with the beat.
Please take some time to look at our class blogs and to make a comment:

Links to student’s individual blogs can also be found on class blogs.

Te Reo
Term 2’s focus will be on learning and using vocabulary around family, the days and months of the year, seasons and learning about Matariki.
-No toys or jewellery (only stud earrings) at school please.
-Students to wear correct uniform-no coloured headbands, socks or hooped earrings (See school policy).
-A reminder that all notices are available on the school website and the school app.
-School starts at 8.55am. Please ensure you leave home early enough to be at school by 8.50 as the bell goes at 8.55am. We have electronic rolls to do at bell time.
-If you have any special concerns, please make an appointment to discuss these, as teachers are often involved with before or after-school meetings

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Monday, 10 April 2017

Taonga Museum

Today we shared our taonga with our whanau. Thanks for coming and seeing our learning.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Play Prodigy

Here is a new website to check out:

Prodigy Game

 Select New Student, and enter our class code: DE2FD9

 Create a character, and can start playing!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Writing using Dadwavers

We tried writing about our trip to Mt Albert pool using Dadwavers to help us include different language features. We only used Description, Action and Dialogue. Next time we will try to include the WAVERS features as well. DAD really helped us to write some entertaining paragraphs about our trip.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Swim Safe @ Mt Albert

We had a fantastic time at Mt Albert wave pool learning how to keep ourselves safe in the water.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Room 8's Sensational Singing

This term in music we have been focusing on singing. We have been learning to sing in time and tune. Mrs Pooley has been helping us with this and taught us the song Speak Life which we sang in school assembly. Have a listen to our great singing:

Mrs Pooley taught us today how to sing in a round, where different groups sing the same song but start at different times. It sounds lovely.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Swimming at Mt Albert on Thursday

Things to remember:

  • Pay on Wrap it up ASAP, if you haven't already
  • Wear your togs under your school uniform
  • Bring an old set of clothes to wear in the water 
  • Bring a bag with your towel and spare clothes in, to take with us to the pool

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Swimming Sports 2017

Well done to everyone who participated in our Swimming Sports!! You all did so well!! 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Room 8's Assembly

Tomorrow is our school assembly. Please remember to bring your taonga to school to show. Parents, our assembly starts at 1.30pm in the hall if you would like to come.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Assembly Song to practise

Here is the song we are singing for assembly. Have a practise at home.

Speak Life - Song Lyrics

Some days life feels perfect  Other days, it just ain’t workin’
The good, the bad, the right, the wrong  And everything in between
Yo it’s crazy, amazing  We can turn a heart through the words we say
Mountains crumble with every syllable  Hope can live or die
So speak life, speak life  To the deadest darkest night
Speak life, speak life  When the sun won’t shine and you don’t know why
Look into the eyes of the broken hearted  Watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope
You speak love, you speak  You speak life, oh oh oh oh oh  You speak life, oh oh oh oh oh
Some days the tongue gets twisted  Other day my thoughts just fall apart
I do, I don’t, I will, I won’t  It’s like I’m drowning in the deep
Well, it’s crazy to imagine  Words from my lips as the arms of compassion
Mountains crumble with every syllable  Hope can live or die

Lift your head a little higher  Spread the love like fire
Hope will fall like rain  When you speak life with the words you say
Raise your thoughts a little higher  Use your words to inspire
Joy will fall like rain when you speak life with the things you say
Lift your head a little higher  Spread the love like fire
Hope will fall like rain  When you speak life with the words you say
ENDING  You speak life, oh oh oh oh oh  You speak life, oh oh oh oh oh
Some days life feels perfect